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Technical Characteristics

Design Formula.
(1) Speed Ratio R = rev/min of the Faster Shaft Pitch Dia of larger pulley   (D)
                               rev/min of the Slower Shaft      Pitch Dia of small pulley (d)
(2) Pitch length of belt., L = 2C  + 1.57 (D+d)  + (D-d)2/ 4c
(C = Center Distance)
(3)  Center Distance, C = A+ √A2 - B (in case center distance is not specified choose C = 2 X √(D+d) d
Where A = L/4  0.3925 (D+d)
(4) Belt Velocity/Peripherial speed V = DN/19100m/Sec (Should not normally exceed 30 m/Sec.)

(a) Service Factor: (SF)
Consult SF table and select suitable factors. In case of speed increasing drive, that additional factbrs as per the table

(b) Design Power (DP)
Multiply the normal running power (RP) with(SF). DP = RP X SF
(c) Selection of belt cross section, -consult cross section table and select the belt cross section on the basis DP and (rmp of faster shaft) (Table Graph)
(d) Pulley selection -Select a suitable pulley combination which should give proper speed ratio. (Pulley Pcd. should not be below the recommended minimum) (Table -1)
(e) Basic Power belt-Find out rated power (P) from the power rating graph

(f) Corrected power rating (CP) = (P+ Speed Ratio Increment) X Beltfactor (LF) X Arc of contact factor (CF). (Consult Table 2 & 3)

(g) Number of belt required N=DP/CP
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